Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Workshop on Surgical Management of Upper Extremity in Tetraplegia – State of the Art

The International Spinal Cord Society (ISCOS) held the annual scientific meeting in Maastricht in September 2014.  Multiple presentations, lectures and overviews covered important scientific progresses in several fields pertinent to the spinal cord injured patients' health and care.  This year, a workshop on the Surgical Management of Upper Extremity in Tetraplegia, was given for the first time.  This workshop filled the lecture room more than well with professionals directly or indirectly involved in rehabilitation of hand function in tetraplegia.  The following aspects were included in the workshop:  Upper extremity management in tetraplegia, Reconstructive surgery - indications and possibilities,  Spasticity-reducing surgery,  Post-operative management and Future perspectives on reconstructive upper extremity treatment in tetraplegia. Drs Anand Nene, Govert Snoek, Carina Reinholdt, Johanna Wangdell and Jan Fridén gave their expert opinions and encouraged future communications through courses and networks.