Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tetraplegia Hand Surgery in Greece

Drs. Vassiliki A.Tsiampa and Ioannis Ignatiadis, professor Jan Fridén was recently invited to Athens to assist in implementing a service for surgical reconstruction of hand and arm function in Greek persons with tetraplegia. The objective is to establish reconstructive tetraplegia upper limb surgery as an integral component of the rehabilitation after cervical spinal cord injury. Both public and private caregivers are supposed to participate in various parts of this process. At the moment, a key issue is to find appropriate forms of cooperation with the rehabilitation community to inform about tetraplegia hand surgery and the dramatic progress of outcomes made in recent years. In parallel to the clinical development was the group also reviewing the research projects that can be initiated in the short and long term to ensure verification of results as well as stimulate technical advances. Pictures show hospitals currently involved in the tetraplegia hand surgery (KAT Hospital, upper left and Konstantopoulio Hospital, lower right).