Sunday, May 22, 2011

Latvian Tetrahand Meeting

Representatives from different professions providing care for spinal cord injured persons in Latvia met recently in the capital Riga. The focus was to introduce the idea of establishing a service for surgical reconstruction and rehabilitation of hand function in tetraplegic individuals. Professor Jan Fridén, Göteborg reported the extensive Swedish experiences and outcomes of improving upper limb control in tetraplegia. The meeting included lectures, clinical cases, hands-on assessments and open forum discussions. Hand surgeon Dr. Laura Logina who organized the meeting invited to open-ended discussions on how to improve the surgical rehabilitation hand service in this patient group. At a separate get-together, head of the National Rehabilitation Center, Dr. Anda Nulle, Dr. Laura Logina and Professor Jan Fridén flanking Mr. Raimonds Smagars (left above) were invited to the Minister of Health, Juris Bārzdiņš (right), to further discuss these topics. Minister Bārzdiņš expressed thorough interest in this field and he also suggested to probing into the possibilities of establishing a Baltic Center for this highly specialized medical service.