Sunday, November 7, 2010

Active and Early Rehabilitation after Tetraplegia Hand Surgery

A workshop named ” Therapy after hand surgery in tetraplegia" was held at the post-ISCoS workshop for physiotherapist in New Delhi, India on the 2nd of November. About 200 therapists, specialized in spinal cord injury rehabilitation participated in the post conference. The workshop was a joint venture arranged by Johanna Wangdell, Sweden and Jennifer Dunn, New Zealand. It included general principals of surgery, therapy before and after surgery, outcome after surgery as well importance and general principals of treatment of the newly injured’s tetraplegic hand. Patient who participate in training actively after surgery regain functions necessary for daily living activities more expediently than those who have traditional post-surgery training. The workshop highlighted the importance of measuring outcome based on patient's perception of performance instead of the more traditionally used tools "range of motion" and "grip strength".