Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yasmin's story

Yasmin Jungestedt is a 27-years old female. Her story is remarkable and fascinating in many ways. At age of sixteen, Yasmin sustained a diving accident that left her paralyzed from neck level (C5) and down. This catastrophic event was not only making all normal activities harder but also made it impossible to exercise her passion for the art of dancing. Through many ups and downs and several operations on both arms and hands to improve function, Yasmin regained a lot of momentum in her life. She is now responsible for web design at the Spinalis Foundation in Stockholm, she is freelancing as a journalist and she is a highly appreciated lecturer as a motivator and energizer. She loves movies, journeys, music, art, fashion, cooking, tattoos and many, many other things and activities. Currently, she is writing a book about her life. Physically, Yasmin is also remarkable because she maneuvers her hand-driven wheelchair with great skill despite her high level of injury. Yasmin's story is full of will-power and determination but most importantly her mind is intact and able to enjoy the beauty and challenges of life. Thanks Yasmin for sharing with us your story and your wonderful and expressive pictures. Photo: Dan Nygren