Friday, June 12, 2015

“Trinational Hand Meeting” in Basel

Swimming in the Rhein (photo Dr. Gohritz)
  The „Trinational Hand Meeting“ in Basel, Switzerland in May 2015 was organized by Prof. Schaefer, head of Plastic and Hand Surgery and his team at Basel University Hospital. This special meeting united only personally invited hand surgeons from the Rhein region of Germany, Switzerland and France to exchange practical experience and knowledge by discussing clinical cases in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The invited speaker of this year was Jan Fridén who presented an “Update on Functional Restoration in the Upper Extremity after Spinal Cord Injury and Amputation”.
The meeting took place at the Medartis Campus in Basel and also included an exciting guided tour through the high-technology production sites of modern osteosynthesis material. The scientific part was followed by a refreshing swim in the Rhein and an invitation of the host to have a superb dinner with amicable conversations at the traditional Basel restaurant “Schlüsselzunft”.