Saturday, May 2, 2015

World-Wide Internet Distribution of “Update on Hand Surgery in Tetraplegia” in IFSSH-Ezine

A 14 page digital report of the committee of nerve and spinal cord injury (chaired by Ann Nachemson, Sweden) on current practice of hand surgery in spinal cord injury was published by the International Federation of Societies of Surgery of the Hand (IFSSH). The authors were Jan Fridén and Andreas Gohritz. The article is in 2 parts, the first included principles (definition, clinical outcomes, current utilization) and a second part on operative techniques, above all tendon and nerve transfer, to restore elbow and wrist extension, forearm pronation, hand grip and opening intrinsic function and reduce spasticity.
The IFSSH Ezine, a digital publication available to the global Hand Surgery and Hand Therapy communities free of charge. It has been established with the purpose of uniting the global hand surgery community and is intended to be a publication for IFSSH members, by IFSSH members.