Friday, October 5, 2012

Nordic Tetrahand (NORTH) network meeting in Göteborg, Sweden

Participants at NORTH network
Swedish National Center for Reconstructive Surgery in Tetraplegia arranged the first Nordic network meeting in Göteborg, Sweden on the 4th to 5th of October 2012. The idea of this get-together was to establish an expert group for the Nordic countries in the field of tetrahand surgery and rehabilitation.This first network meeting setting was informal as the primary goals were to get to know each other and to summarize the current knowledge in this field. The organizers wanted to facilitate interactions among surgeons and therapists and to provide a strong knowledge basis for future development. 26 hand surgeons and therapists joined the meeting. The format of the meeting also included group sessions where surgeons and therapists separately listed their prioritized items to be covered in future. Next NORTH network get-together is planned to be held in Bergen, Norway in September 2013.
Tetrahand Rehab specialists in group meeting