Friday, July 15, 2011

Tendon Transfer Strength Measurements at University of California San Diego, USA

Recent experimental studies performed at UC San Diego demonstrated that tendon transfers for restoration of wrist extension and finger extension can withstand loads of up to on average 203 and 368 Newtons, respectively. This is very encouraging information and proves the strength of the suture techniques typically used in reconstructions that are exercised immediately after surgery. The study that was performed at UC Orthopaedic Research Laboratories in La Jolla was initiated by professors Jan Fridén and Richard Lieber and confirms the mechanical strength of this type of attachment regardless of differences in size and configuration between donor muscle-tendons and recipient tendons. With this strength of attachments, there is very limited risk of disrupting the reconstructions according to Fridén and Lieber- Picture to the right shows doctors Tim Tirell and Bhula Siddharth testing tendon attachment strengths.