Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Looking into the Future

2010 meant major progress in the field of tetraplegia hand surgery. Several units in Europe and elsewhere have initiated programs for reconstruction of upper extremity function. Surgical courses are given annually in Hungary and multiple congresses on hand surgery and rehabilitation worldwide have addressed the significance of surgical restoration of hand function in tetraplegia. Many patients have demonstrated remarkable recoveries of hand functions enabling better activities in daily living, art painting, sports performance and overall leisure abilities. Briefly, a higher level of freedom makes also life more fun. Based on the interest and dedication among not only patients, surgeons and therapists but also SCI neurologists and entire rehabiiitation community, we are anticipating further progress in the important development of this field during 2011. Join this development by networking locally and participate in the build-up of tetraplegia hand surgery services in special centers. Painting above is full of energy, dynamics and will-power. It was made by artist Anna-Maria Edgren after regaining better hand control following reconstruction.