Saturday, November 1, 2014

German Congress for Orthopaedics and Traumatology

The German-speaking Speaking Society of Paraplegia arranged a session about "The Tetraplegic Hand" organized by Dr Doris Maier (Murnau) and chaired by Dr Richarda Böttcher (Berlin) at the DKOU congress in Berlin 28-31 October 2014. The following topics were addressed: "Assessment of Hand Function in Tetraplegia "(Martina Geuther), "Loss and Restoration of Hand Function" (Diana Sigrist-Nix), "Opportunities with Tetraplegia Hand Surgery" (Jan Fridén) and  "Loss of Hand Function - What can Technology offer?" (Rüdiger Rupp). This session covered a large spectrum of recent advances research frontiers ranging from assessment, evalation, nerve and tendon transfer surgery to neuro-engineering. In connection with this congress, Drs Jan Fridén and Andreas Gohritz published an overview of the tetrahand surgery field: Fridén J, Gohritz A. Rekonstruktion der Arm- und Handfunktion bei Halsrückenmarklähmung, Chir All 15:595-605, 2014.

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